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A.I. Applications Development

AI & Analytics makes never-seen-before into can't-live-without overnight

Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing


CyberSense is an cutting edge computer vision system that customized for people counting. Being one of the most sophisticated system on the market, CyberSense provide many more possibility than traditional counting system which provides much more crucial data for business analysis.

Field Sense

CyberSense makes use of “Field Sense”, a complex of 3D reconstruction technology and computer vision making it powerful yet flexible. Basically speaking, CyberSense can capture the walking path and the staying time within detection area of a visitor. By some simple setting, CyberSense can be used in various ways.


Head-mount Sensor


People Counter

Tensorflow Application

We provided customised development for AI applications based on Google Tensorflow for clients in aspects of Machine Learning for data analysis and prediction, object recognition and facial and movement detection etc.