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IoT Applications Development

We collect data from the “Things” through various connectivity to the cloud via internet






Integrated IoT Module

We developed an integrated IoT module supporting both WIFI and LoRa (with receiver and gateway). WIFI is suitable for medium distance with sufficient Access Points (AP) and stable connection. However, in larger scale project, LoRa is more suitable for long distance and secure connection. The integrated IoT module can easily integrated with different types of sensors or triggers to collect data and send to the cloud or dedicated servers for further processing.


Smart School – LoRa-based Wireless Door Access Control System

Many doors (some schools has more than 60 doors) in special rooms like laboratory, music rooms, computer rooms etc. requires control for the access by teachers and students. Each door access control device setup on the door is connected to a LoRa gateway then connected to the server through internet. The access records from all the doors will store locally and also send to the server through the LoRa gateway, and the Door Access Control Web Platform can also control the opening of the door and access right for each person in any time frame. The status of the opening of the door is also displayed on the web platform.